Forms with weapons

Pe kwa tan do – saber of willow leaf

Tan chi fai do – short saber

Sung moon kim – sword of life gate

Kwan lum kim – sword of Kwan lum mountain

Lau ka kuan – one-edged stick of Lau clan

Hang che pang – two-edged stick (monkey stick)

Ng lung pa kwa kuan – stick of eight trigrams of the fifth son

Moi fa ying cheong – spear

Seung long do – double dragon saber

Chao ga seung do – double sword

Tai hang seung do – double sword

Ng jie bien – chain whip

Seung ng jie bien – double chain whip

Chung chao tai do – saber of general Kwan

Yiu ka tai paa – trident of Yiu clan

Moi fa siu tiu – long handled eight rings saber

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