Hand forms

Lau ka kuen – basic form for beginners

Gung ji fok fu kuen – form teaching power of the whole body, mainly legs. Founder of the style – Hung Hay Goon – established it two hundred years ago

Fu hok seung ying kuen – form of tiger and crane, made by legendary hero Wong Fei Hung

Mm ying kuen – form of five animals

Ching cheong kuen (arrow palm) – set of the most effective techniques of hung ka, made by legendary Lam Sai Wing

Pang pou kuen – form for speed and explosive power of body

Saap ying kuen – one of higher sets of hung ka, form of five elements and five animals

Tit sing kuen – maybe the most advanced set of Shaolin kung fu strengthening inner energy, made by Tit Kiu Sam

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