Lam Chun Sing

The youngest son of grandmaster Lam Jo was born 30January 1952. As well as all his brothers and sisters, he had to begin with hard training from early childhood under leadership of his father.

His father was very strict teacher; he took teaching of family style very seriously. Each training Lam Chun Sing left out was strictly punished. His father demanded managing of every detail and principal before he started to teach his young son something new. He also taught him various methods of healing with dit dar medicine because kung fu and Chinese medicine belong together.

Already in youth, he helped his father with healing patients and teaching kung fu and he devote this till now. In 1973, he opened his own school and dit dar ordination in Hong Kong. He closed this school and in 1975 undertook teaching in his father’s kung fu school. Several years later, he moved to Shenzhen, China where he has his dit dar ordination and teaches his students now.

Lam Chun Sing is a man who likes to help people; he gives all his heart to teaching kung fu, he’s very patient, he doesn’t hide anything in front of his students and he’s willing to teach every really interested person. That’s why he gains big respect.

It’s very big honour for us to learn from such a man. Each visit of grandmaster Lam Chun Sing in China is very big contribution for us, we always learn something new, each meeting motivates us for further hard work and makes us sure how much we must learn yet to be at least far closer to kung fu of grandmaster Lam Chun Sing.

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