Wong Fei Hung

Wong Fei Hung belongs among the most famous and well-known masters of hung ka. Many stories and legends are told about his personality, many films, reportages and serials were made about him in China.

Grandmaster Wong Fei Hung managed lion dance and he was a great fighter. He was also a reputable doctor of Chinese medicine, he lined up among the best in the country. But he gained the biggest respect by his extraordinary sense for fairness and moral blamelessness.

He was born 9.7.1847 in Saichiu, Fatshan, in the Gwongdung province. Roughly since he was six, he trained with his father Wong Kei Ying. In 1859, when he was twelve, he defeated master Jeng Daihung in a fight and he earned a nickname Young hero.

When he was sixteen years old, Wong Fei Hung opened his own school of kung fu in Gwongjau. Because he had a big talent for martial arts, he begun to teach the army navy and the leader of police in Gwongjau when he was twenty six years old. In 1894, he helped in a struggle against Japan invasion in Taiwan. After a year, he returned to China and since the time, he worked only as a doctor.

During the reign of the last emperor Guangxu, Wong Fei Hung gained a rank of general, he got married four times, had two daughters and four sons.

In 1919, his second son, talented for martial arts, died and Wong Fei Hung decided not to teach his children kung fu further on.

In 1924, his gym was burnt during the revolution. Wong Fei Hung was already old and he passed this personal tragedy very hard. In 1925, he died in grief.

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