Our school

We are Czech Federation of Hung Ka-Plzeň. We devote training of hung ka kung fu since 2000. Now, it’s great honour for us that we can go study kung fu directly to China where grandmaster Lam Chun Sing devotes us. He visited us also in our school in Pilsen in summer 2007.

Our way to grandmaster Lam Chun Sing wasn’t easy. Master Chung Wai Hung, student of grandmaster Lam Jo, and master Leon A. Dogan from UK, one of the first students of grandmaster Lam Chun Sing, helped us very much. We appreciate their help very much. Another man our school wouldn’t exist without already long time is Stephan Kronmüller who stands by Czech Federation of Hung Ka-Plzeň already from the beginning.

In our school, everybody who would like to get more acquainted with kung fu is welcome. Hung ka style is suitable for all people regardless of age, sex or physical condition.


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