Kung fu saying

“The one, who wants to build a house, must first care for firm foundations.”

“One day practise - gain one day of kung fu, one day not pracise - lose ten days of kung fu.”

“It’s better to learn one technique and exercise it ten times than learn ten techniques and each exercise only once.”

“It’s not important to win, important is not to lose.”

“If you don’t like some technique, don’t use it but first, you must learn it perfectly.”

“What other people do for the first trial, do for the hundredth, what others do for the tenth trial, do for the thousandth. Who acts this way will become wise even if he was a fool, he will become strong even if he was a weakling.”

“Three years - small success, ten years - big success.”

“Even the highest mountain is afraid of a slow man.”

“Don’t try to be a stone if you’re a river.”

“Avoid your enemy if you can avoid him, if you can’t avoid him, act so that he avoids you.”

“Who see a wrongdoing and doesn’t hinder it is guilty himself.”

“Use kung fu only as a means of self-defense or for protection of a weaker person.”

“Kung fu is deep as an ocean and one life is too short for its mastering.

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