For a beginner is important first strengthen and disengage body, learn basic stances and techniques. Particular techniques are exercised by continuous repeating first independently, then in pairs. Very low and stable stances and strong punches are very important for hung ka kung fu. When beginner understands basics and takes in enough power, he starts to learn first sets.

Each set is noted for different titles. Practising of sets helps to develop joints, muscles and tendons, improves blood circulation and energy flow with what prospers to health. Each set contains offensive and defensive techniques. If student practice these sets regularly, his self-defensive skills improve. Exercising sets brings also outer and inner balance; student gets to know the wealth of the style, new techniques and their combinations effective in fighting by means of them.

Training of advanced students consists mainly in training of sparring sets gung ji deui chaak and fu hok chaak. These sets helps to use kung fu in real fight effectively, student gains courage, inner balance and self-confidence this way. If student manages these two sets, he starts to learn form with saber, spear, one-end stick, sparring sets pear versus saber and other.

In each set, there occur techniques of at least some of the five basic animals or five basic elements of the hung ka style.

Five animals (ng ying) in hung ka:

  • Dragon (lung) - immensely strong thanks to his inner energy
  • Snake (se) - typical with his fulsomeness and lightning attack
  • Tiger (fu) - aggressive and ravenous
  • Panther (paau) - brisk and fast
  • Crane (hok) - deflects rival’s power smartly

Five elements (ng hang) in hung ka:

  • Fire (fo) - fast, explosive
  • Ground (tou) - down-up movements
  • Gold (gam) - hard, light, crushing contact
  • Water (seui) - open and long movements
  • Wood (muk) - closed movement of body

Strengthening exercises, stretching, special hardening and later also working with inner energy are integral part of training too.

Training of kung fu emphasize precision, motion coordination, stability and relentlessness in difficult sets by what the body becomes firmer and faster. Suitable adding of stretching exercises into trainings generates good conditions for proper working of muscles, joints and mainly backbone, which is often burdened. Low stances works well on bringing blood to muscles and ensure circulation of blood with oxygen and nutriments. All-round gearing muscles enables blood and lymph to circulate throughout the organism. Training of kung fu helps at stress load of the organism. It’s a very good way to be at rest actively in today’s hurried time. Training, especially in country in clean environment, improves immunity of the organism significantly. It’s sure, that if a person trains kung fu properly, his or her beating frequency increases. Heart muscle gets bulkier and longer. Good blood circulation maintains vessel sides flexible and so fights effectively against artherosclerosis.

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